Reposted from Romper, written by Ashley Jones, March 6, 2019

Article Summary

Toddlers want what they want when they want it. Have you ever tried to tell a toddler “no” when they demand to wear their favorite outfit over and over again? Was that outfit perhaps head-to-toe neon orange — your toddler’s favorite color?

As an adult, we can rationalize decisions based on what we know to be best for us, but toddlers — they live in a world all of their own where they make the rules for now while they learn about ours. This applies to the psychology of color theory as well.

Toddler-color1-pixabay-3171905_1280According to child wellness expert Maureen Healy, author of The Emotionally Healthy Child, on why toddlers become so attached to specific colors, “From my own perspective, colors are like food to children, From a color theory perspective, every child is drawn to the colors they need emotionally at the moment, and I have no problem if boys or girls ‘get stuck’ on certain colors as their favorite. Sometimes a particular color makes a child ‘feel better,’ whether it calms them or simply puts them at ease.”

“Also, colors can be symbolic or representational — for example, the heart represents love and is most closely aligned to pink and green. So a love-focused child may only want to wear her pink princess dress during kindergarten, but then in third grade when she’s more into unicorns, fairies, and mystical objects she changed her favorite color to purple,” Healy says.

Even adults can change color preferences throughout their lifetime. So if your toddler seems stuck on a certain favorite color, it may change in time. Meanwhile, here’s a handy guide with just a bit of insight into what your toddler’s favorite color says about them in that moment.

A Few Examples

Red: Toddlers who love red are probably strong-willed. They are the ones who want what they want when they want it even more than most toddlers.

Blue: Calm and collected people are usually attracted to shades of blue… toddlers who love blue are probably pretty chill.

Green: Cuddly toddlers who are super affectionate may choose green as their favorite. Lovers of the color green are often seeking security and are loyal…

Pink: Toddlers who love pink are usually the ones who want to play make-believe 24/7 and put having fun above all else.

Toddler-color2-pixabay-3171905_1280Purple: Purple-loving toddlers may be the budding artists among their peers.

Orange: Friendly, social, may enjoy being the center of attention.

Yellow: Toddlers who like yellow might be good at planning and strategizing…

Black: Yes, toddlers can love the color black. May suggest a personality that is moody; may also indicate a personality that is sophisticated and sensitive.


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