EduCare is a local, family owned and nationally recognized child care and learning facility which prides itself on providing children and families with the highest quality of care in a safe and secure environment. This is achieved by employing a highly trained professional staff and applying state of the art computer and video technology.

EduCare has two Southwest Florida locations to serve you, EduCare Learning Center in Port Charlotte.

In order to meet the needs of working families, EduCare is committed to providing extended hours of operation, meals are included. EduCare is open from 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and several holidays throughout the year.

Smokey the Bear teaches forest fire prevention at EduCare Academy

Our Mission

To provide high quality child care and early childhood education to the children and parents enrolled at our facility

Our Goals

EduCare’s individual development program and group setting will lead children to acquire:

  • Self-Esteem: individual identity, self-respect and confidence
  • Competence: in body and mind; a sense of mastery
  • Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution: the ability to communicate with and be sensitive to others; to get along with their peers.
  • Appreciation for Diversity: a sense of confidence and growth along with a desire to learn
  • Openness: inner-strength, self-control and coping skills
  • Recognition of Emotions: the ability to enjoy and have fun

Our Philosophy

EduCare’s program integrates high quality child care services and early childhood education supporting a “whole child” concept of development based on the belief that one cannot educate without offering care and protection and one cannot provide care and protection without also educating young children in a group setting. EduCare is committed to implementing developmentally appropriate practices and to promoting the healthy growth of the whole child by meeting their individual emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and emerging cultural needs.

EduCare’s child development program is built on the research-based theory that a child’s growth is a sequential process and that children pass through predictable stages of development in all areas and within age ranges. A team teaching approach is practiced in each age group. Together the professional staff plans program goals, objectives, and curriculum intended to meet the children’s individual development needs.

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