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You have likely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is true for children of all ages. Studies show that kids who eat breakfast every day are more likely to:

– Maintain a healthy weight,
– Have more energy, and;
– Have greater concentration.

These can also lead to better school performance. Like any meal, a healthy breakfast should include a protein, dairy, fruit and/or veggie, and a whole grain.

We know that mornings can get hectic and it may be hard to fit in a healthy breakfast. If your child’s school offers a breakfast program, consider using it. It can be a simple way for busy families to fit breakfast into their child’s day. Make sure to review the menu with your child and discuss what healthy options your child might eat.

Prefer breakfast at home? Some easy combinations for a preparing a complete meal include:

– A slice of whole grain toast with nut butter
– A hard-boiled egg
– Yogurt and a piece of fruit
– A whole grain cereal with milk
– Fruit and a cheese stick

Many of these options can be made as a grab and go meal. For example, instead of cereal with milk, try baking a healthy oatmeal bar. Whether it’s a sit-down breakfast or one on the run, don’t let your child skip breakfast. Make sure they are fueled for the day ahead.

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