Open Door Policy:

Educare invites parents to visit whenever possible. We advocate an "open door" policy. Feel free to drop in, unannounced, at any time and see the great things that are happening at Educare.

Infant Care:

Educare is proud to offer services beginning with newborns. These little ones are cared for with the same love and tenderness that we gave to our own children. Our Infant room is specially designed and monitored to ensure your child's safety and security while providing the most nurturing environment for their healthy development.

Breast Feeding Moms:

Educare strives to work with breast feeding moms and will design an individualized program to meet their specific needs. In order to reinforce the special bond between a mother and child, moms can visit our campus and feed on-site or provide pumped milk.

USDA Food Program:

The path to a healthy, happy, and successful child begins with nutrition and Educare is proud to offer a food program that exceeds the strict USDA Food Program guidelines. Educare provides breakfast, lunch and snack each day and ensures that the food is well-balanced and delicious. Our food service staff ensures that the menu offers a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. We are also careful to follow any special dietary or food allergy instructions to meet the needs of individual children. At Educare, ALL MEALS ARE INCLUDED at no additional charge!


Educare is proud to be a provider of the Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten program. The Educare VPK program gives 4-year-olds a jump-start on language, reading, math and social skills to better prepare them for kindergarten and beyond! The school-year program provides up to 540 hours of classroom instructional time free of charge for children who turn four by September 1st. Educare also offers VPK "wrap around" services for a small weekly fee. This allows students to extend their VPK experience for the full day.

Before and After School Care:

Educare understands the needs of working families and designs it programs to meet the needs of the parent and child. Our facility opens at 6:30am and closes at 6pm, giving families the opportunity to take advantage of before and after school care. Before and After School Care is available for children up to age 12. Educare provides safe and secure transportation to and from school.

Summer Program:

Educare understands the special needs of families to provide for their children during the summer as well as during school holidays. This is why Educare allows families to take advantage of our full day program during school breaks and the summer.

Field Trips:

Educare believes that sometimes the best educational experiences are found outside of the classroom. Field trips and special activities are a planned part of the Educare after school program. You will be informed of these activities in advance. All field trips require parents to sign a permission slip. Special activities and in-house guests are planned and posted on the school calendar, on the Parent Information wall, for our preschoolers.


Educare believes that the safety and security of each child is our primary concern. This is why we have taken the extra steps to employee a trained and experienced bus driver as well as maintain our vehicles to the highest standards. Educare provides transportation to and from school as well as regular field trips off campus.

Special Events:

Educare works throughout the year to enrich the classroom experience with special guest speakers and events. We are proud to partner with local public safety organizations, firefighters, and others to provide our children with educational and exciting special events.

Parent Education:

Educare understands that a child's primary teacher in life is their parent and we work to reinforce and assist our parents to fulfill this responsibility. Educare is committed to working with community partners to provide educational experiences for our parents. These events are designed to help parents gain the tools necessary to see their child succeed in school and in life.

Lending Library:

Educare believes that children who develop a passion for reading will be successful life-long learners. This is why we have invested in a lending library for our families. We have an ever-growing collection of age appropriate books which can be checked out free of charge. We also encourage parents to check out books and read to their children every day!